Bright Smiles patient who is undergoing Invisalign treatment

ONE OF THESE ADMIRABLE WOMEN is a Bright Smiles patient who is undergoing Invisalign treatment with Dr. Gardner as we speak! Can you spot the difference?! Invisalign is not only extremely effective, but is designed to be unnoticeable! Congratulations, Destani, on your pageant achievements as 2nd runner up to Ms. D.C. 2018! Thank you for letting Bright Smiles Dental be part of your journey!

How often should I change my toothbrush?

Tis the season… for the flu! I haven’t gotten to the point where I put on a mask every time I leave the house- but I have been known to carry a Lysol wipe for frequently touched door handles. I also seem to have developed the hand-washing habits of Lady Macbeth. Did you know that one major thing that we can do to prevent the spread of sickness is to change out your toothbrush?!

Toothbrushes do an amazing job of cleaning plaque from our teeth, but bacteria in our mouth usually remains after the bristles long after the brushing is done. In order to protect yourself against disease and prevent sickness, many dental professionals recommend not only diligent attention to oral care, but tossing your toothbrush or toothbrush head regularly! In general, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends swapping out your brush every 3-4 months.

Stay healthy! Swap the brush.



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As the golden summer starts to slip away and the days grow shorter, we anxiously look forward to celebrations throughout the winter and fall. End of the year festivities give us an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, some of whom we haven’t seen in years. We feast, laugh, make merry through the darkness of winter, and we reminisce. You might find yourself pouring through old family photos, and if your friends are anything like mine, you will find yourself making new photo memories.

Photographs can be very bittersweet at this emotional time of the year. They tug at our heartstrings as we remember family and friends who are no longer with us. They track our growth, our aging, and our laughter lines. To a self-critic like me, they also serve as a captured reminder of my flaws and my insecurities. While I had always been told that my smile could light up a room, it was hard for me to see photos of myself when I wasn’t confident with the way my teeth looked. Don’t get me wrong, I am not camera-shy. After twenty-some years, I had developed camera angles you wouldn’t believe to minimize the contorted appearance of my crooked teeth. With the evolution of selfies, I became a pro at posing in ways that wouldn’t make you think twice that I didn’t have a normal smile. But around the holidays, when my friends and family were in charge of the camera, Facebook would always emerge with photos like these that left me feeling self conscious about my appearance.

A Halloween Fright

Thanksgiving with Friends

Pre-Christmas 2017
(& I’m still in treatment!)


If you’ve ever met me in the office or seen my previous blogs, you know how passionate I am about Invisalign. When I moved to the Midlothian/Chesterfield area, I had no idea how lucky I got in finding Dr. Gardner as my dental provider. Through his expertise, Invisalign has changed my confidence in my appearance and that has infiltrated every facet of my life.

In celebration of the holiday season, Bright Smiles is offering $500 off of Invisalign treatment, and for any new Invisalign patient that starts treatment, we will enter you into a raffle to WIN FREE INVISALIGN! This holiday special is good through December 15, 2017.

This December, remain steadfast in your New Year’s resolution for self-improvement in the coming year. If that resolution involves improving your oral hygiene health or improving your self-confidence in your appearance and you think Invisalign might be something that you are interested in learning more about, please reach out to us at Bright Smiles! We love to see the amazing transformations that our patients make and are honored to share that experience with you.

Bright Smiles voted The Best Dental Office in RVA – part II


We are incredibly proud to announce that for the second year in a row, Bright Smiles won the title of The Best Dental Office in Richmond according to the Richmond Times Dispatch! After voting ended in August, we patiently waited for the results which were announced this past week. On Thursday, Dr. Gardner and his wife Linda attended a celebration put on by the Richmond Times Dispatch to celebrate finalists in the contest, and he enthusiastically accepted the award!

We are so grateful to all of our amazing patients for making this title possible, especially those who voted for Bright Smiles in the RTD TheBest contest! Thank you for passing our information on to your friends and neighbors in Midlothian and Chesterfield! We look forward to continuing to provide high quality care for our patients for years to come!

Recognized by Invisalign® for excellence with their company

We’ve had a very busy month at Bright Smiles Dental! At a recent conference this September, Dr. Gardner was recognized by Invisalign® for excellence with their company. There are only slightly over 800 dentists that have completed the most comprehensive training Invisalign® offers. Dr. Gardner is one of them. In 2017, only slightly over 100 of these dentists received a bronze medal of recognition for their work, and only 33 received a silver “Top Doc” award. Dr. Gardner was one of the 33 that received the silver “Top Doc” award.


Additionally, Bright Smiles officially made the top five dental offices in RVA according to the Richmond Times Dispatch! We are blessed to have local patients from Chesterfield and Midlothian as well as patients that drive from the Short Pump area just to see our hygienists and doctors. We even have a handful of dedicated patients that travel to see us from other states! You all are a huge part of what makes our office so special, and we thank you for your dedication to Bright Smiles. On October 26, the Richmond Times Dispatch announces the 2017 “TheBest” winners, so stay tuned for hopefully good news!

Deep Cleanings: why preventative visits can make all the difference in your health

Put yourself in the patient seat for this example of a scenario that happens frequently in dental offices all across the world:

You, the patient, have likely not been into an office for a routine dental visit in a number of years, and either due to sensitivity, bad breath, or insurance changes, you feel compelled to go in for a routine dental exam and cleaning.

At the office, the hygienist takes a few x-rays of your teeth, and she begins to probe your gums and the spaces between the teeth. She explains as you go through the process that she will be calling out numbers. Numbers one through three are signs of healthy gum pockets. Anything four of more could mean that you have some gum disease. OUCH! Your gums are swollen and tender, and any time the hygienist calls out a three or higher, you nearly jump out of your seat. Next, the doctor comes in to review the x-rays with you. They will explain that there are large pocket depths between your teeth where bacteria has accumulated, contributing to inflammation and infection. They reveal that you have PERIODONTITIS.


Periodontitis is gum disease. In 2015, the CDC found that nearly 50% of the American population over 30 exhibits periodontitis (ADA, 2015)! When bacteria collects within the pockets between your teeth, usually due to lack of flossing, inadequate self-oral hygiene, or infrequent visits to the dentist, plaque buildup can secrete acids that essentially dissolve the bone tissue around your teeth. The disease is infectious and will continue to progress if left untreated, and the patient with periodontitis will begin to lose teeth. Gum disease not only affects your oral health, but also has huge impacts on individuals with other health issues; the effects have even been linked to heart disease.

Image from: <>


This is the reaction that many patients may feel when they find out that they have gum disease. Unfortunately, most of the time, the hygienists cannot continue with a regular cleaning. Depending on the depth of your pockets, the doctor may refer you out to a Periodontist, a specialist who will perform a deep cleaning treatment and then conduct several visits to ensure that the gums heal properly afterwards and that the infection has been eradicated. If we see you near the beginning of the disease’s progression, when the calculus buildup and depth of the pockets is lower, our hygienists can perform the deep cleaning in the office. This procedure is called Scaling and Root Planing, and it typically takes two- one hour and a half visits.

After the deep cleaning at our office, we will schedule a follow-up visit to assess the gum healing about 6 weeks afterwards and to do a regular cleaning at that time. Your hygienist will likely recommend 3 or 4 month recall visits as opposed to waiting 6 months for regular cleanings as a preventative measure.


Unfortunately, legally and ethically, we cannot do a regular cleaning when we have identified that you have periodontitis. Since a regular polishing is focused at the gum line, this could potentially disturb bacterial colonies, releasing them throughout your bloodstream.

Even if you do not choose to do a deep cleaning with our office, we highly recommend that you take action to treat the disease. Periodontal disease is both preventable and curable, and it is important to address for the health of your teeth and for your body!


Did you know that as a Premier Preferred Invisalign provider, Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield is distinguished among dentists in Virginia by this distinction? You have absolutely come to the right place if Invisalign is something that has piqued your interest.

While we recommend a cleaning before beginning your treatment, even if you opt not to, we do have our doctors inspect your gums for potential periodontitis. We would definitely need to address any serious plaque buildup before beginning treatment, but we have had many patients do so and then have great success with Invisalign! Please feel free to stop by our office, conveniently accessible to Chesterfield and Midlothian, and get a free consultation and scan to see a simulation of what your teeth will look like after treatment. Our friendly office staff will coordinate with your insurance to establish a treatment plan specifically designed for your needs!

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Periodontal disease affects nearly half of the U.S. population. (2015). Science in the News. American

Dental Association.

FB Zoom Whitening Content Details!

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Magnolia Green 5K Race

A couple weeks ago, Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA sponsored the Magnolia Green 5K and Family Fun Run! There was a surprise appearance from Toothpaste Man (Dr. Davis Gardner DDS) and Molar Woman (Dental Assistant, Adrienne White)!

Magnolia Green 5K Race and Family Fun Run

Magnolia Green 5k Race sponsor and participants

This dynamic duo had a blast running in their dental costumes! The costumes definitely added a different element (aka challenge) for completing the 3.2 miles.

Magnolia Green 5k Race Dr. Davis Gardner

Dr. Gardner, a Chesterfield VA dentist and avid runner, did a fantastic job and had a blast running alongside his patients and neighbors!


Adrienne, a dental assistant, was a great sport about running in an oversized molar suit! She decided she just wanted to get the run over with and ran as fast as she could. She ended up being the 1st female finisher!


Who knew a molar could fly?? ha!


Here’s Adrienne with her winnings! Congrats, Adrienne! That is a well deserved prize!

Thanks to Magnolia Green neighborhood for letting us sponsor the race this year! We had lots of fun! Thanks to Dr. Gardner and Adrienne for playing along and making the race a little extra fun!

Meet Adrienne, Dental Assistant


Bright Smiles Dental Team Spotlight

Meet Adrienne

Adrienne is one of the friendliest people you’ll meet! She’s always happy and has a great talent of helping patients feel at home in our office. We love having Adrienne as part of our team.

Here is a little bit more about Adrienne in her own words…..

My name is Adrienne White and I am excited to welcome you to Bright Smiles Dental!  I love being a dental assistant because not only do I get to meet so many wonderful people, but I get to help Dr. Gardner make a positive difference in peoples lives as they feel better about their smile or find relief from pain or discomfort.

When I’m not assisting Dr. Gardner, my husband Chad and I keep busy running around our 3 kids.  When we get the chance we love to explore the Richmond area. Though originally from KY my family loved Richmond enough to move back a second time, hopefully to stay!  I also love travelling, running and hiking.  All of us look forward to meeting you and making you feel comfortable and happy at Bright Smiles!

Need a cleaning? Call now to schedule your appointment with Stephanie! 804-332-6310

Want to take a virtual tour of our brand new, state-of-art office? Click here!

Meet Stephanie, Dental Hygienist


Bright Smiles Dental Team Spotlight

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie was our first hygienist at Bright Smiles Dental! She is a friendly, caring, and happy gal who has a passion for teeth. We frequently hear Stephanie’s patients say, “That was the best cleaning I’ve ever had!” Stephanie is a fabulous hygienist and is good at what she does. We are so glad she’s on our team!

Here is a little bit more about Stephanie in her words….

A native of VA, I have been a Dental Hygienist for 20 years.  I enjoy direct patient care and the rewards that it brings when you can see the smile that it brings to someone’s face.  I live in Moseley/Magnolia Green with my husband, Anthony, my 3 children and my beagle named Macauley.  In my spare time I enjoy reading, gardening and spending time with my family.

Need a cleaning? Call now to schedule your appointment with Stephanie! 804-332-6310

Want to take a virtual tour of our brand new, state-of-art office? Click here!