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Deep Cleanings: why preventative visits can make all the difference in your health

Put yourself in the patient seat for this example of a scenario that happens frequently in dental offices all across the world:

You, the patient, have likely not been into an office for a routine dental visit in a number of years, and either due to sensitivity, bad breath, or insurance changes, you feel compelled to go in for a routine dental exam and cleaning.

At the office, the hygienist takes a few x-rays of your teeth, and she begins to probe your gums and the spaces between the teeth. She explains as you go through the process that she will be calling out numbers. Numbers one through three are signs of healthy gum pockets. Anything four of more could mean that you have some gum disease. OUCH! Your gums are swollen and tender, and any time the hygienist calls out a three or higher, you nearly jump out of your seat. Next, the doctor comes in to review the x-rays with you. They will explain that there are large pocket depths between your teeth where bacteria has accumulated, contributing to inflammation and infection. They reveal that you have PERIODONTITIS.


Periodontitis is gum disease. In 2015, the CDC found that nearly 50% of the American population over 30 exhibits periodontitis (ADA, 2015)! When bacteria collects within the pockets between your teeth, usually due to lack of flossing, inadequate self-oral hygiene, or infrequent visits to the dentist, plaque buildup can secrete acids that essentially dissolve the bone tissue around your teeth. The disease is infectious and will continue to progress if left untreated, and the patient with periodontitis will begin to lose teeth. Gum disease not only affects your oral health, but also has huge impacts on individuals with other health issues; the effects have even been linked to heart disease.

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This is the reaction that many patients may feel when they find out that they have gum disease. Unfortunately, most of the time, the hygienists cannot continue with a regular cleaning. Depending on the depth of your pockets, the doctor may refer you out to a Periodontist, a specialist who will perform a deep cleaning treatment and then conduct several visits to ensure that the gums heal properly afterwards and that the infection has been eradicated. If we see you near the beginning of the disease’s progression, when the calculus buildup and depth of the pockets is lower, our hygienists can perform the deep cleaning in the office. This procedure is called Scaling and Root Planing, and it typically takes two- one hour and a half visits.

After the deep cleaning at our office, we will schedule a follow-up visit to assess the gum healing about 6 weeks afterwards and to do a regular cleaning at that time. Your hygienist will likely recommend 3 or 4 month recall visits as opposed to waiting 6 months for regular cleanings as a preventative measure.


Unfortunately, legally and ethically, we cannot do a regular cleaning when we have identified that you have periodontitis. Since a regular polishing is focused at the gum line, this could potentially disturb bacterial colonies, releasing them throughout your bloodstream.

Even if you do not choose to do a deep cleaning with our office, we highly recommend that you take action to treat the disease. Periodontal disease is both preventable and curable, and it is important to address for the health of your teeth and for your body!


Did you know that as a Premier Preferred Invisalign provider, Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield is distinguished among dentists in Virginia by this distinction? You have absolutely come to the right place if Invisalign is something that has piqued your interest.

While we recommend a cleaning before beginning your treatment, even if you opt not to, we do have our doctors inspect your gums for potential periodontitis. We would definitely need to address any serious plaque buildup before beginning treatment, but we have had many patients do so and then have great success with Invisalign! Please feel free to stop by our office, conveniently accessible to Chesterfield and Midlothian, and get a free consultation and scan to see a simulation of what your teeth will look like after treatment. Our friendly office staff will coordinate with your insurance to establish a treatment plan specifically designed for your needs!

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Zoom Whitening in Chesterfield, VA Now Available!


Zoom Whitening in Chesterfield, VA

Dr. Davis Gardner is excited to announce that Zoom Whitening is now available at Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA! Now you can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades whiter in 60 minutes or less. And all while comfortably watching your favorite TV show! Its never been easier and more comfortable to whiten your teeth.

zoom-whitening-in-chair  This is Janice relaxing and watching Netflix while her teeth are being whitened by our new Zoom WhiteSpeed whitening lamp. Janice walked into our office with C1 shade of teeth and walked out 45 minutes later with shade OM2. That’s a TON whiter!

Dr. Gardner invested in the latest Zoom technology and purchased a WhiteSpeed Zoom whitening lamp. This lamp offers:

  • Clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in 45 minutes.
  • Variable settings so you can control the intensity and stay comfortable the entire time.
  • The Whitening LED Accelerator emits 100% greater light intensity than other lamps.
  • Uses 40% less energy than other Zoom models.
  •  No sensitivity. (99% of consumers in a study experienced little to no sensitivity with Zoom WhiteSpeed.)


Here you can see Janice’s before and after her Zoom Whitening treatment. Janice whitened her teeth 6 shades in 45 minutes! She reported no sensitivity and her brilliant white smile brightened her day.

We are so excited about this new service! Everyone deserves a bright, white smiles and now you can get the snowy white smile of your dreams in less than an hour!

Want to try out our new Zoom light?? Zoom whitening appointments are available daily. Please call 804-332-6310 to schedule your appointment! Or fill out this quick contact form and we’ll contact you at a convenient time.

Now you can get the bright, white smile of your dreams today in Chesterfield, VA!

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New Dentist in Chesterfield VA

New Dentist in Chesterfield VA || Dr. Davis Gardner DDS

Announcing a New Dentist in Chesterfield VA!

After months of construction, Chesterfield VA now has a new option for dental care. Dr. Davis Gardner and his staff at Bright Smiles Dental have officially opened their doors and are now serving the Chesterfield area.

Bright Smiles Dental is conveniently located in the Hancock Village Shopping Center. The location was an important decision for Dr. Gardner, “Convenience and high quality patient care is a huge part of the Bright Smiles Dental culture. We want to make sure that our patients are are visiting a dental office in an area that they already do their shopping in. Hancock Village Shopping Center was an obvious choice with Hobby Lobby, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Wal-Mart so close.”.

Dr. Davis Gardner DDS at Bright Smiles Dental by Walmart

A Brighter Smiles for Life

Having a consistently whiter smile doesn’t have to be a costly inconvenience. Bright Smiles Dental features the $99 teeth whitening for life program.

Call today to schedule an appointment! 804-332-6310

Your new Chesterfield VA Family dentist!

Want a Prettier Smile for Christmas?


Smile Makeover For Christmas

With Christmas just right around the corner {next week!!}, is a Prettier Smile or a Smile Makeover on your Christmas List?

If so, Dr. Davis Gardner at Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA is the dentist for you! Dr. Gardner offers Veneers, 6 Month Smiles, Invisalign, Implants, teeth whitening or bleaching, and other custom Smile Solutions. Whether you are hoping for a huge smile makeover or just a few small changes to your smile, give Dr. Gardner a call today 804-332-6310 and schedule your free Smile Consultation.

At your Smile Consultation, Dr. Gardner will take a peek in your mouth and talk to you about your Dental Health History and your smile goals. Then he’ll listen to you describe what you’d like to change about your smile and present you with custom Smile Solutions that will work for your unique teeth. Dr. Gardner knows that ‘No two mouths are the same!’ so he can help you make an informed decision about what is best for your smile and your smile goals.

If you like the solutions that Dr. Gardner offers, we would love to set you up with an appointment schedule to get the work completed in a timley manner that fits into your busy schedule. We know its hard to take time off work, so we have extended hours and flexible appointment times. If you’d like to think about your Smile Makeover or save up, we will follow up with you when you want us to.

Wondering Why Choose Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA? Here’s why! Or read Patient Testimonials here. 

Did you know that Dental Insurances usually cover TWO cleanings per year?

If you’ve only had one cleaning this year, its time to call and scheduled that second cleaning as soon as possible with the end of the year coming quickly! We want you to get the maximum benefits out of your dental insurance. So call today to schedule that second cleaning! 804-332-6310

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Am I too old for Braces?


Adult Braces

Do you Love your Smile??  When someone mentions your smile, does it make you self-conscious about your teeth? Or do you think about all the little things you’d love to change about your smile or your teeth? If so, you should ask your dentist about getting braces as an adult! {If you’re looking for a dentist, we highly recommend Dr. Davis Gardner in Chesterfield, VA!} Most adults see braces as “something for teenagers”. But you would be surprised at how many adults use some form of orthodontic device to straighten their teeth or improve their smile! There is no age limit when it comes to braces.

My Story: Braces as an Adult

I am a 30 year old mom with 3 little kids and I decided I was tired of my crooked front tooth and was ready to do something about it. Yes, I am wearing braces at the ripe old age of 30. Wahoo! I never had braces growing up so I was a bit nervous about the process. I kept putting it off for years and when I hit 30, I finally decided I just needed to do it. So I asked Dr. Gardner to set me up with clear tray braces. Want to see how nerdy I look?


This photo was taken by my 3 year old son while we were sitting in church. So as you can see, its not a great shot, but it lets you see a what my teeth look like with clear braces. You cannot see the clear trays at all. And note, my little guy was like 1 foot away when he snapped this photo of me! The only thing you will notice about my smile, is that I am one of those unlucky people that required white “buttons” {tiny squares of composite} on all my top front teeth. These buttons help move my teeth with the trays. My braces smile looks so much better than one with a bunch of metal!

I’ve had clear braces for 7 months now. Yes, I feel a little nerdy wearing braces, but its really not that bad. They’re hardly noticeable. And I love that I can take them out to eat and brush my teeth. If you were thinking about adult braces, I’d recommend just going for it and getting it over with!

Dr. Gardner has patients from ages 18-62 currently doing 6 Month Smiles or Invisalign. Its never to late to straighten your teeth! Call today for a free consult: 804-332-6310 or fill out this form here

And if you have any questions about clear trays, I’d love to answer them!

Free Tooth Fairy Kit Printable

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 12.19.05 AM

Free Tooth Fairy Kit Printable

Print off our FREE Tooth Fairy Kit! We had this kit exclusively designed for our patients, friends, and family. This tooth fairy kit printable includes a fun Lost Tooth Certificate to record how the tooth was lost and a colorful Tooth Box template that you can fold up to hold the special baby tooth. We picked bright, happy colors that would appeal to tooth-losing aged kids.

Please feel free to use this kit any time a tooth is lost in your family! But please remember, this free printable is for Personal Use only and may not be redistributed in any way or form.

tooth box printable

Free Tooth Fairy Printable

Click here to download your free copy today!

Need help getting a stubborn baby tooth out? Dr. Davis Gardner DDS would love to help out! He’s fantastic with kids {he has of little ones of his own!} Give him a call at 804-332-6310 or Fill out the Contact Form.

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Chesterfield Dentist – Grand Opening!

New Chesterfield Dentist opening up near the Walmart and Hobby lobby. Bright Smiles Dental

New Chesterfield Dentist

We are so excited to announce that Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA is officially opening tomorrow, September 16, 2014! yay!! We have worked really hard over the past year preparing our brand new office just for you. We would love for you to stop by and check it out. Our office is clean, modern, and well decorated. We use only the newest in technology and guarantee you will receive the highest quality dental care that you deserve.

Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA. Opening Sept. 16, 2014 We are conveniently located right off Hull Street in the Hancock Village Shopping Center by Walmart and Hobby Lobby.  Our fantastic location makes it easy for you to get in and out quickly and get some shopping done, all in one easy trip.

Bright Smiles Dental office Our friendly team is so excited to meet you! This is Julia. She works as a dental assistant and helps with the front desk. She is very kind and easily puts our patients at ease with her calm disposition and genuine caring. We are lucky to have Julia on our team!

Chesterfield VA Dentist - Bright Smiles Dental. New, state of the art dental office.Dr. Davis Gardner, DDS welcomes you to Bright Smiles Dental! Dr. Gardner attended Virginia Commonwealth University Dental School and graduated in 2010. You can read more about our favorite dentist and his family here. Dr. Gardner is one of the most kind and caring dentists you’ll ever meet. You can read what is patients have to say about him here.

Dr. Davis Gardner, DDS Midlothian, VA dentist Our modern technology helps us provide you with a better dental experience. Chair side TV’s let you see exactly what’s going on in your mouth and then while you receive top notch dental care, you can relax and watch your favorite TV show or a ball game.

We LOVE new patients and would be honored if you let us assist you in achieving the smile of your dreams. Please call us today to schedule an appointment at 804-332-6310 or fill out our Contact Form here and we’ll contact you.  And don’t forget to ask about our exclusive $99 Whitening for Life program!

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