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How often should I change my toothbrush?

Tis the season… for the flu! I haven’t gotten to the point where I put on a mask every time I leave the house- but I have been known to carry a Lysol wipe for frequently touched door handles. I also seem to have developed the hand-washing habits of Lady Macbeth. Did you know that one major thing that we can do to prevent the spread of sickness is to change out your toothbrush?!

Toothbrushes do an amazing job of cleaning plaque from our teeth, but bacteria in our mouth usually remains after the bristles long after the brushing is done. In order to protect yourself against disease and prevent sickness, many dental professionals recommend not only diligent attention to oral care, but tossing your toothbrush or toothbrush head regularly! In general, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends swapping out your brush every 3-4 months.

Stay healthy! Swap the brush.



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Floss Like a Boss Print

Free Printable || Floss Like a Boss || Perfect for the bathroom!

Floss Like a Boss Print

Forgot to floss your teeth….again? Tired of nagging the kids to floss their teeth? Print off this Free Floss Like a Boss Print and put it in your bathroom! Its a clever way to remind everyone in your home how important it is to floss AND that they need to floss their teeth every day!

Plus its a good looking print.

floss-like-a-boss-printableHere at Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA, we understand it can be hard to remember to pull out that waxy string after you’ve spent 2 minutes brushing your teeth. So we decided to offer this free printable to everyone! We love to help you keep your mouth healthy and happy any way we can!

We sincerely hope that you will use and display this printable in your home. Simply save the file and then upload to your favorite photo printing center. After its printed, pop it into an 8×10 frame* and you’re set! Super easy bathroom decor.

*we used an white 11×14 frame with a white double mat, but the print itself is 8×10 size.

Bright Smiles Dental office in Chesterfield, VA

Some of you may recognize this Floss Like a Boss print from the corner in the waiting room. Dr. Davis Gardner‘s wife, Linda, designed this hip, modern print specifically for our office. {She shared it on her craft blog here.} We think its perfect and love it. And we know you will too. So print off your copy today!

Free Floss Like a Boss Print

Floss Like a Boss Print || Click for free download of the file {without the watermark}

Floss Like a Boss: Download Your Free Copy

Click here to download the 8×10 Floss Like a Boss Print.

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How to Prevent Bad Breath

How to prevent bad breath

Bad Breath is a reality for everyone.

Did you know that almost everyone has bad breath in the morning? And that about 50% of people have bad breath at any point in time? So don’t feel bad if your breath isn’t all that pleasant right now!

What causes Bad Breath?
Bad breath is caused from the bacteria in your mouth. And usually your tongue is the guilty party. The tongue is really good at trapping those stinky odors so that when you breath or talk, the person across from you gets a whiff of something unpleasant. (Thanks a lot Tongue!)

Food causes a lot of bad breath (think garlic, cheese, and onions), but so does going a long time without eating. The saliva in your mouth can help keep bacteria at bay, so if you haven’t eaten for a long period of time, your mouth is kind of dry and the bacteria is working double time, therefore, leaving you with bad breath. So its a good idea to eat smaller, more frequent meals if you’re trying to prevent bad breath.

How to prevent Bad Breath?

The great news about bad breathe is that you can control it with good oral hygiene! The tongue is the source of most bad breath, so using a tongue scraper a couple times a day can help immensely to get rid of the stench. If you’d like a visual on how to scrape your tongue, check this out on Wikipedia.

Another popular way to control bad breath is to gargle with mouth wash 2-3 times a day. Keep a small bottle of mouth wash in the car or in your purse to keep your breath smelling fresh throughout the day.

Chewing sugar-free or Xylitol gum or sucking on Xylitol lozenges can increase your saliva which naturally fights the stinky bacteria. These are great options for on the go when you need fresh breath immediately.

If you are a smoker, quit smoking! Smoking has loads of chemicals that build up on your teeth and mouth which gives bacteria a fantastic environment to grow and thrive in. That paired with the dry mouth that smoking causes gives smokers very stinky breath most of the time.

Regular dental checkups and cleanings are important to keeping your mouth healthy and your breath smelling good. Are you due for a cleaning? Give us a call to schedule your cleaning today! #804-332-6310

Also note that if a person has good oral hygiene but still seems to have chronic bad breath, there may be a serious underlying health reason and it is best to seek professional advice from a dentist. We recommend Dr. Davis Gardner. 🙂