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Magnolia Green 5K Race

A couple weeks ago, Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA sponsored the Magnolia Green 5K and Family Fun Run! There was a surprise appearance from Toothpaste Man (Dr. Davis Gardner DDS) and Molar Woman (Dental Assistant, Adrienne White)!

Magnolia Green 5K Race and Family Fun Run

Magnolia Green 5k Race sponsor and participants

This dynamic duo had a blast running in their dental costumes! The costumes definitely added a different element (aka challenge) for completing the 3.2 miles.

Magnolia Green 5k Race Dr. Davis Gardner

Dr. Gardner, a Chesterfield VA dentist and avid runner, did a fantastic job and had a blast running alongside his patients and neighbors!


Adrienne, a dental assistant, was a great sport about running in an oversized molar suit! She decided she just wanted to get the run over with and ran as fast as she could. She ended up being the 1st female finisher!


Who knew a molar could fly?? ha!


Here’s Adrienne with her winnings! Congrats, Adrienne! That is a well deserved prize!

Thanks to Magnolia Green neighborhood for letting us sponsor the race this year! We had lots of fun! Thanks to Dr. Gardner and Adrienne for playing along and making the race a little extra fun!

Meet Julia, Dental Assistant


Bright Smiles Dental Team Member Spotlight

Meet the awesome, Julia! Julia is a dental assistant at Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA. She was also our very first employee! Julia is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and she loves to smile. Here is a little bit more about Julia, written by Julia….

I grew up in Phoenix, AZ but moved to Chesterfield in 2007 where I started my freshman year at Cosby High School. I met Dr. Gardner and his family at church when we moved here and I told him I was interested in the dental field. When I graduated high school, I went to the west coast and attended collage at Brigham Young University-Idaho where I majored in Excerise Physiology. After 3 years there, I came home for a semester, and that’s when Dr. Gardner offered me a job at his office. I decided to stay and work for him and shortly after, met my husband who was attending Virginia Commonwealth University Dental School. We are now living in Henrico and I am working at the dental office and loving it. ūüôā


Dr. Gardner visits Winterpock Elementary


Dr. Gardner Visits Winterpock Elementary School Kindergarteners

Dr. Davis Gardner, DDS from Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA paid a visit to Winterpock Elementary School to teach the Kindergarteners more about what a dentist does as a community helper.

Dr. Gardner and his assistant, Julie and Danny the Dragon were excited to show the kids how a dentist helps take care of the teeth and serve the dental health needs of the community. The kids got to see tools that Dr. Gardner uses and even went home with one of the most important tools a dentist uses, a toothbrush!

Dr. Gardner was excited to be a part of the Community Helper project that the Kindergarteners are working on this year. He knows how important dental health is to each member of our community here in Chesterfield, Virginia and that we need to teach kids at an early age how to brush and floss correctly.

At the end of Dr. Davis Gardner’s presentation, Danny the Dragon squirted water on the kids and they absolutely loved it!

Dr. Gardner’s son, Gavin¬†was in attendance. According to Dr. Gardner, “Its always a pleasure to teach kids how to take care of their teeth and show them that dentists aren’t scary people.”

If you would like to have Dr. Gardner visit your elementary school class to teach about dental health, please call our office at 804-332-6310.

Looking for a dentist in Chesterfield, VA? We love Dr. Gardner at Bright Smiles Dental! The new office is located by Walmart and Hobby Lobby right off Hull Street in the Hancock Village Shopping Center. Call 804-332-6310 to schedule an appointment or fill out this quick contact form and we’ll contact you at a convenient time.

Modern Dental Office Treatment Room

Modern Modern Dental Office Treatment Room with flat screen tv's and a refresh station for after your visit is done. Some really brilliant ideas for a dental office!

Modern Dental Office Treatment Room with Your Comfort in mind

At Bright Smiles Dental, our dental office is completely different! We offer a high-tech office with the latest technology in dental equipment as well as, technology for patient comfort. We understand that going to the dentist isn’t always a favorite thing to do.

So Dr. Davis Gardner decided to design his dental treatment rooms with the patient’s comfort and ease as the main goal for this space in his new dental office in Chesterfield, VA.

Let’s take a quick tour of the Bright Smiles treatment rooms so you can see the difference for yourself!¬† Continue reading

Modern Dental Office Waiting Room

Modern Dental Office Waiting room. Love the color scheme!

Modern Dental Office Waiting Room in Chesterfield, VA

When Dr. Davis Gardner, DDS planned out his brand new dental office by Walmart and Hull Street in Chesterfield, VA, he knew the waiting room for Bright Smiles Dental had to be stellar! The waiting room needed to make a good first impression on all guests who enter the office.

Note: You can download the free “Floss Like a Boss” Print shown in the left corner here.

Gallery Wall in a dental office waiting room. Love that they used actual patient pictures.

Not only did the waiting room have to be good looking and peaceful, it had to be functional. The furniture that he and his wife, Linda selected was high-quality hospital grade furniture that more than meets the needs of our patients. Interior designers assisted in the fabric selections to keep the look aesthetically pleasing. Thus they were able to maintain a beautiful, functional modern dental office waiting room.

Kid Friendly Waiting Room

Kid Friendly dental office with iPads and kid apps. || Chesterfield, VA

Another key element to the dental office waiting room, is making the waiting room kid-friendly. Chesterfield, Virginia is a rapidly growing area with many young families moving into the community.

Dr. Gardner, being a dad himself, knew the struggle it can be to take kids to medical appointments and sit in non-kid friendly waiting rooms. So he decided to put iPads in the waiting room with kid-friendly apps on the iPads to make dentist visits at Bright Smiles easier for moms. One of the office favorite apps is Tiny Dentist. Dental office waiting room

The staff loves having the big, bright windows in the front of the office….except around 3:00pm when the sun shines right into their eyes! Other than that, the windows help make the waiting room feel more open and bright.

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Dr. Gardner would love to become your new Family Dentist!  

Star Wars Dentist Joke

What do a Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, and Teeth Whitening have in common? This picture of Dr. Davis Gardner, DDS in Chesterfield, VA and the awesome Bright Smiles Dental team member, Jessica!

Star Wars Dentist Joke || Hilarious! Can you see R2D2 in the back?

Star Wars Dentist Joke

Q: Why did the Storm Trooper Whiten his teeth?

A: To get rid of the Dark Side!

Even Storm Troopers know that a white smile can make all the difference. haha!

Can you spy R2D2 in the picture? He’s hiding in there!

Dr. Gardner and Jessica had a blast posing for this picture! We had the light saber going and they were both playing with the buttons on their masks. It was quite the sight!

We decided to have some fun and reenact this classic Star Wars Dentist joke and turn it into a funny dental meme for you! So instead of just envisioning the joke in your head, you can see what it would look like for a Storm Trooper to get their teeth done.

At Bright Smiles Dental, we like to have fun and enjoy a good joke as part of our work day!

We hope you enjoy this fun dentist meme and if you are looking for a Chesterfield Dentist, come see Dr. Davis Gardner! He’s a fantastic dentist and will take good care of you.¬†If you are wondering where Bright Smiles is located, we are the new dental office right off Hull Street by the new Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

We sincerely appreciate every single new patient and would love the opportunity to serve you.¬†Give us a call today 804-332-6310 to schedule an appointment! Or fill out this form and we’ll contact you.

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Floss Like a Boss Print

Free Printable || Floss Like a Boss || Perfect for the bathroom!

Floss Like a Boss Print

Forgot to floss your teeth….again? Tired of nagging the kids to floss their teeth? Print off this Free Floss Like a Boss Print and put it in your bathroom! Its a clever way to remind everyone in your home how important it is to floss AND¬†that they need to floss their teeth every day!

Plus its a good looking print.

floss-like-a-boss-printableHere at Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA, we understand it can be hard to remember to pull out that waxy string after you’ve spent 2 minutes brushing your teeth. So we decided to offer this free printable to everyone! We love to help you keep your mouth healthy and happy any way we can!

We sincerely hope that you will use and display this printable in your home. Simply save the file and then upload to your favorite photo printing center. After its printed, pop it into an 8×10 frame* and you’re set! Super easy bathroom decor.

*we used an white 11×14 frame with a white double mat, but the print itself is 8×10 size.

Bright Smiles Dental office in Chesterfield, VA

Some of you may recognize this Floss Like a Boss print from the corner in the waiting room. Dr. Davis Gardner‘s wife, Linda, designed this hip, modern print specifically for our office. {She shared it on her craft blog here.} We think its perfect and love it. And we know you will too. So print off your copy today!

Free Floss Like a Boss Print

Floss Like a Boss Print || Click for free download of the file {without the watermark}

Floss Like a Boss: Download Your Free Copy

Click here to download the 8×10 Floss Like a Boss Print.

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Halloween at Bright Smiles Dental

Halloween at Bright Smiles dental 2014. Awesome Chesterfield VA dentist!

Halloween at Bright Smiles

At Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA, we like to have fun on Halloween! Its the only day of the year we get to wear something other than scrubs and white coats to work! So if you were lucky enough to get a Halloween day appointment {they went fast!}, instead of a dentist working on your mouth, you got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Or if you were in getting your teeth cleaned, the lovely Minnie Mouse was scrubbing those teeth clean!

(above left to right) Julia and Jessica were Toothfairies, Dr. Gardner was Ninja Turtle Raphael, Adrienne was a Gypsy, and Stephanie was Minnie Mouse.

We have the best employees! They were such good sports about dressing up for our very first Halloween here at Bright Smiles dental! We hope to continue this tradition each year for Halloween. So if you want a fun day at the dentist, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment on Halloween next year! We only offer tricks on Halloween, no treats or sugar! haha!

Thanks for stopping by today! If you are in Chesterfield Virginia or Midlothian, VA and looking for a local dentist, we highly recommend Dr. Davis Gardner at Bright Smiles! His office is conveniently located off Hull street by Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

Dr. Gardner is fantastic ¬†with kids and caters to their needs. See what Dr. Gardner’s patients have to say here. Call 804-332-6310 today to schedule an appointment or fill out this form and we’ll call you!

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