Dr. Gardner visits Winterpock Elementary


Dr. Gardner Visits Winterpock Elementary School Kindergarteners

Dr. Davis Gardner, DDS from Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA paid a visit to Winterpock Elementary School to teach the Kindergarteners more about what a dentist does as a community helper.

Dr. Gardner and his assistant, Julie and Danny the Dragon were excited to show the kids how a dentist helps take care of the teeth and serve the dental health needs of the community. The kids got to see tools that Dr. Gardner uses and even went home with one of the most important tools a dentist uses, a toothbrush!

Dr. Gardner was excited to be a part of the Community Helper project that the Kindergarteners are working on this year. He knows how important dental health is to each member of our community here in Chesterfield, Virginia and that we need to teach kids at an early age how to brush and floss correctly.

At the end of Dr. Davis Gardner’s presentation, Danny the Dragon squirted water on the kids and they absolutely loved it!

Dr. Gardner’s son, Gavin was in attendance. According to Dr. Gardner, “Its always a pleasure to teach kids how to take care of their teeth and show them that dentists aren’t scary people.”

If you would like to have Dr. Gardner visit your elementary school class to teach about dental health, please call our office at 804-332-6310.

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