Free Tooth Fairy Kit Printable

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Free Tooth Fairy Kit Printable

Print off our FREE Tooth Fairy Kit! We had this kit exclusively designed for our patients, friends, and family. This tooth fairy kit printable includes a fun Lost Tooth Certificate to record how the tooth was lost and a colorful Tooth Box template that you can fold up to hold the special baby tooth. We picked bright, happy colors that would appeal to tooth-losing aged kids.

Please feel free to use this kit any time a tooth is lost in your family! But please remember, this free printable is for Personal Use only and may not be redistributed in any way or form.

tooth box printable

Free Tooth Fairy Printable

Click here to download your free copy today!

Need help getting a stubborn baby tooth out? Dr. Davis Gardner DDS would love to help out! He’s fantastic with kids {he has of little ones of his own!} Give him a call at 804-332-6310 or Fill out the Contact Form.

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