General Dentistry

First off, we want to get to know you! We’ll do a short interview BEFORE we peek in your mouth to find out  what your smile goals are, any problems you’re having, and how we can make you more at ease during your visits.

Once you are seated, the only worry you’ll have is debating what to watch on the chair side Flat Screen TV! While you’re enjoying your show, we will check out your teeth, gums, and jaw and do an oral cancer screening. Say goodbye to those blinding overhead lights! We use tiny LED lights attached to our glasses which help us see inside your mouth better and won’t leave you blinded.

Want to see that cracked tooth yourself? We’ll show you with our intraoral camera! We’ll even put the image on the chair side Flat Screen TV so you can see exactly what we’re talking about.

You want less radiation, we want better X-rays! Our state of the art digital X-rays use 80-90% LESS radiation than traditional radiographs and are immediately available to view. Plus, digital x-rays offer higher quality images. Talk about win-win!

We love to eat food just as much as you do! The problem is, food likes to build up on teeth. We are here to get the buildup off and get your teeth feeling nice and smooth once again.

Silver vs. white. This is always a hot topic when it comes to cavities! We are firm believers in using white or tooth-colored filling material. White fillings {or Composite Fillings} are not only more aesthetic, but they require less tooth structure to be removed from your tooth and can assist in holding your tooth together better. Old silver metal fillings can act like wedges in teeth, so we recommend Composite Fillings in most situations.

We treat you like royalty here at Bright Smiles, but the only crowns we have are for teeth! (darn it!) Crowns are needed to help protect teeth with large fillings, cracks, or root canals. Do you like metal in your tiara but not your dental crown? We got you covered! We use the latest in crown materials that are both strong and offer brilliant esthetics without any metal.

Dental implants are the closest thing to a natural tooth. Implants are the optimal way to replace missing teeth, although they are not for everyone. The Implant Crown is the portion above the gum that, wait for it, looks like a tooth!

Missing a tooth or two? Then a bridge may be in your future! Bridges replace missing teeth and help you chew more efficiently. Added bonus? You’ll be smiling with confidence again! Bridges are bonded to your existing teeth, so once they’re in, they stay in!
Removable Partial Dentures
Need to replace one or more teeth, but need a more economical option? A Removable Partial Denture is a great option for you! These handy devices can be taken in and out, hence the removable part. Removeable Partial Dentures great as an immediate short-term solution to replace your teeth until you save up for a more desirable option down the road.

Unfortunately, sometimes the nerve inside your tooth will die. This can happen for several reasons, but instead of pulling the tooth, we just remove the dead nerve inside. After the nerve is removed, a filling or crown will be placed on top and we put the tooth back to work again!

Sometimes the best option is to have all your teeth removed and get dentures. We offer several options for dentures including ones traditional dentures as well as dentures that snap onto implants. Implant supported dentures stay in place a lot better, offer better chewing capability, and don’t require that gooey adhesive stuff.

Sitting in a dental chair can do a number to your hair! That’s why we offer a Refresh Station in the corner of each treatment room where you can rinse out your mouth, fix your hair, and enjoy a warm toilette.  And don’t forget to check out your new smile in the mirror!