Modern Dental Office Treatment Room

Modern Modern Dental Office Treatment Room with flat screen tv's and a refresh station for after your visit is done. Some really brilliant ideas for a dental office!

Modern Dental Office Treatment Room with Your Comfort in mind

At Bright Smiles Dental, our dental office is completely different! We offer a high-tech office with the latest technology in dental equipment as well as, technology for patient comfort. We understand that going to the dentist isn’t always a favorite thing to do.

So Dr. Davis Gardner decided to design his dental treatment rooms with the patient’s comfort and ease as the main goal for this space in his new dental office in Chesterfield, VA.

Let’s take a quick tour of the Bright Smiles treatment rooms so you can see the difference for yourself! modern dental office treatment room at Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA

Flat Screen TV’s

There are large flat screen TV’s hanging from the ceiling in each treatment room. The TV’s are attached to an adjustable mount making it so that the TV can be viewed from any angle. So when you’re laid back in the dental chair, the screen can bend all the way forward for you to see it while getting your dental work done! You can choose to watch cable, Netflix, or ESPN on our AppleTV.

The TV is a fantastic distraction when you’re getting dental work done! It works very well with all ages to provide a distraction.

Another high-tech feature of our treatment rooms, is you get to pick what music you listen to. You can choose to listen to the music that plays throughout the office, turn off all music in your room, or you can select music on iTunes Radio to play in your treatment room! Each room has its own individual speaker so that you have complete control over the music that is played during your visit.

After your visit, an assistant will offer you a warm towelette to wipe your face/neck with. This is a small luxury we feel every patient deserves. refresh-station

Refresh Station

Making his patients comfortable was very important to Dr. Gardner when he was designing his office. Dr. Gardner was adamant about having a ‘Refresh Station’ in the corner of every treatment room. Our patients LOVE our Refresh Stations!

We all know how it is after your dental visit, whether you just got a cleaning or a crown done, after you get out of the dental chair, you want to:

  • A. Rinse out your mouth
  • B. Check the mirror to see if there’s something on your face
  • C. Check your hair and/or makeup
  • D All the above!

Our Refresh Station was designed just for this! Now you don’t have to rush to the restroom after your appointment. Our Refresh Stations are stocked with paper cups, paper towels, soap, and a mirror. That way you don’t risk running around with bedhead or a toothpaste splatter on your cheek. 🙂

One last note about our rooms, is we have handy Purse Hooks to hang your purse or coat on. Dr. Gardner’s wife, Linda, suggested Purse Hooks because there’s usually not a place in treatment rooms to put your purse.

Thanks for taking a peek at the Treatment Rooms at Bright Smiles Dental in Chesterfield, VA off Hull Street in the Hancock Village Shopping Center near Walmart and Hobby Lobby! We would love to help you with your dental needs. Please call us today to schedule your appointment: 804-332-6310 or fill out this quick contact form and we’ll contact you! 

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