Modern Dental Office Waiting Room

Modern Dental Office Waiting room. Love the color scheme!

Modern Dental Office Waiting Room in Chesterfield, VA

When Dr. Davis Gardner, DDS planned out his brand new dental office by Walmart and Hull Street in Chesterfield, VA, he knew the waiting room for Bright Smiles Dental had to be stellar! The waiting room needed to make a good first impression on all guests who enter the office.

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Gallery Wall in a dental office waiting room. Love that they used actual patient pictures.

Not only did the waiting room have to be good looking and peaceful, it had to be functional. The furniture that he and his wife, Linda selected was high-quality hospital grade furniture that more than meets the needs of our patients. Interior designers assisted in the fabric selections to keep the look aesthetically pleasing. Thus they were able to maintain a beautiful, functional modern dental office waiting room.

Kid Friendly Waiting Room

Kid Friendly dental office with iPads and kid apps. || Chesterfield, VA

Another key element to the dental office waiting room, is making the waiting room kid-friendly. Chesterfield, Virginia is a rapidly growing area with many young families moving into the community.

Dr. Gardner, being a dad himself, knew the struggle it can be to take kids to medical appointments and sit in non-kid friendly waiting rooms. So he decided to put iPads in the waiting room with kid-friendly apps on the iPads to make dentist visits at Bright Smiles easier for moms. One of the office favorite apps is Tiny DentistDental office waiting room

The staff loves having the big, bright windows in the front of the office….except around 3:00pm when the sun shines right into their eyes! Other than that, the windows help make the waiting room feel more open and bright.

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